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Hamatan Limited was established in 2020 by a group of young creative minds backed by seasoned professionals. With our headquarters located in the heart of the beautiful Enugu city, Hamatan is dedicated to solving African problems the African way.


Hamatan Limited started as an idea in 2014 and has been nurtured till its inception in 2020. Within this 6 year period, our pioneers have researched, experimented and perfected our processes ensuring we provide our clients with the best service possible. With the experiences garnered over time, Hamatan has been able to identify key problems in the African living atmosphere and delivered long lasting solutions to these problems. Hamatan was created with the African factor in mind, solving African problems the African way. Hamatan has been nurtured by the creativity of today’s young minds and the experiences of successful senior professionals. These key elements have created a seamless system of delivering solutions. Hamatan is not just a company or a business, Hamatan is an idea and ideas are ineradicable.


Hamatan Limited is determined to solve the problems of her clients while providing
high quality products and services and encouraging innovation and creativity.
Hamatan exists to put quality services within reach of Africans.


Our Vision at Hamatan Limited is to solve African problems the African way.


At Hamatan Limited we believe in creating permanent solutions to problems.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Hamatan Limited is managed by a team of young creative and innovative individuals backed by experienced professional creating a seamless system of
delivering solutions.

Ugonna Onyike

Marketing Manager
+234 806 838 1506

Chinedum Onyike

Web Developer
+234 814 340 7046

Anthony Chinweuba

Brand Manager
+234 814 417 8126

Uchechukwu Anyanwu

Digital Marketer
+234 903 525 1124